Equal parts Canadian and Southern ingenuity, Zygobot was founded in 2013 by two wily veterans of the game industry. Roy Papp and John Amos, both alumni of Electronic Arts with over 40 combined years of game-industry experience, have worked as artists, managers, and directors on everything from triple-A titles to serious sims to casino games.

Work on these varied projects has provided them with a unique set of skills that they decided to put to good use by creating their own games and multimedia projects. Additionally, their work as professors at Full Sail University in the Game Design Masters of Science Program generates the symbiotic effect of being able to share what they have learned with future game developers while being able to stay close to the pulse of what is new and current in the industry.

“Divey Jones: Ocean Odyssey” is their first foray into the iOS and Android markets, and they are very proud of this effort. They believe that what took two (non-technically-minded) developers 10 months to achieve (while maintaining full-time jobs and families) says a lot about their drive, their enthusiasm, their tenacity, and their stick-to-itiveness. While not intent on forgoing their day jobs any time soon, the Zygobot team has plans to continue as an independent developer with several new games currently in their development pipeline.


On Making Divey Jones:
“The great thing about working with students is the passion they have for the game industry – and that can only help to inspire you.  This is one of the greatest professions. Where else can you come to work and share what you know and love about games all day?  With all of our years in the industry, burning the midnight oil has become second nature, so it was only natural to channel some of our desire for games into the development of our own original title. It is so refreshing to actually build a game without constraints or compromise. This product for us is a true work of art.  We can only hope that people will be able to enjoy playing it and sharing it with their kids.” – Roy Papp

“One of the things I’m most proud of is that we decided early on not to cut corners anywhere. We did not want to make just a base game with the most rudimentary of rules – we wanted something that would be simple, allowing us to get it out to the market in a reasonable amount of time while allowing us to experience the mobile game pipeline…but also something that would have some depth. We wanted players to be able to have a quick, fun experience…but at the same time be able to pick up on the care and love we had for our creation. We wanted our customer to know that we have respect for them, that we enjoy playing games, too, and that we understand the nature of quality and value for your money and time. There was so much more we wanted to add to the game! But that's what version 2.0 is for, right?” – John Amos